Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict

Volume I

2116 - early 2119



    Earth’s formal entry into the Alliance of the Free Stars and the subjugation of the Androsynth by the Ur-Quan in 2116 marked the beginning of unified armed resistance against the Hierarchy.  The Alliance showed its teeth, and the coreward front was bolstered by Ariloulaleelay Skiffs and primitive Earthling Cruisers.  Some might say that this history should properly begin with the Chenjesu’s discovery of the Ur-Quan hunting cry in 2098, but the earliest stages of first contact and diplomacy have been covered masterfully by Tzzz-Tzer-Tzak in his Book of Enslavement. Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict is intended to focus on the military maneuvers of the war, with sufficient historical information included to elucidate the context of the battles.

    Volume I covers the period from Earth’s entry into the Alliance in 2116 to the disastrous first contact with the VUX in early 2119.  The VUX are included in the Hierarchy section because of their eventual disposition, though they were not aligned with either faction during this period.

    Battle footage from this period is particularly fragmentary and of poor quality.  Until the necessary funds are made available to restore this footage, not only will we be unable to get better information than we have, but the data tapes will degrade to the point where much of our primary source data of these battles will be lost.





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