The Chenjesu are a silicon-based species of crystalline rocks which are able to generate electricity and hyperwaves.  Earth's first contact with the Chenjesu occured in 2115, when a Broodhome appeared in the Sol system to warn the Earthlings of the danger posed by the Ur-Quan.  In many ways the Chenjesu represent the higher attainments that Earthlings aspire to.  They have a rich history and intellectual tradition and are genuinely concerned about the welfare of others.  They are generally considered to have been the unofficial leaders of the Alliance of Free Stars. 


    The Chenjesu Broodhomes were more or less similar throughout the war.  They were characterized by different colors brought about by impurities introduced in each production run.  The first run was notable for its bright cobalt-blue color.  Broodhomes were armed with exploding crystal fragmentation weapons and energy-sucking D.O.G.I.s. 



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