The Umgah were one of the first to be conquered by the Ur-Quan in this area of the galaxy.  News soon spread to the other species in the quadrant, "Beware the Ur-Quan in the Big Blue Ships!"  The Umgah, never passing up the chance to make a joke, promptly painted their Drone ships blue, the same shade as the Ur-Quan Dreadnoughts.  Beware the Umgah! 


    Early versions of the Drone were spectacularly ineffective, explaining how the Umgah fell so easily to the Ur-Quan.  The ship's weapon was an antimatter cone, projected foreward.  It had a limited coverage, and could be used for short-ranged attacks and to block incoming projectiles.  The Umgah could also use their retro-propulsion device to zip backwards for a short time. 



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