Alas, that interstellar diplomacy cannot always function as well as our first encounter with the Chenjesu!  The initial communication between the VUX and the Earthlings will go down in history as one of the worst first contacts ever recorded.  Captain Rand of the Far Voyager insulted the first VUX ever to show its face upon an Earthling viewscreen.  The VUX posses the best translation circuits known and took mortal offense to Rand's foolish remark.  The resulting diplomatic fallout so delayed the VUX entry into the Alliance that they would eventually be subjugated by the Ur-Quan and fight against the Free Stars as Battle Thralls. 

    Little is known about the VUX warships of the time as they were never observed in battle.  Photographs show a configeration superficially similar to Terminators and Cruisers, with hyperspace nacelles flanking the main hull of the ship.  The ships were very slow, though they could easily have been attempting to hide their performance capabilities. 


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