The Mycon were staunch defenders of the Alliance during the early battles.  They contacted the Chenjesu, saying that, "We must join the Non to serve Juffo-Wup.  This is the ideal way to Void the Non."  The Chenjesu, not really understanding, but eager to get the freedom-loving species of the quadrant involved, agreed to defend mutually the Mycon.   


    Mycon Podships are grown, not built.  They are enormous living Mycon subspecies capable of birthing huge semisentient homing plasmoids.  The first type used in the war were constantly crackling with barely-restrained energy and glowed like ball-lightning as plasma and ions played about their surfaces.  The homing plasmoids were gargantuan and sought out the enemy, eager to reduce it to nothingness.  The Mycon were able to reproduce at a prodigious rate if a sufficient source of heat was present.  Their plasma furnaces were quite powerful enough to replenish their losses, even in the middle of battle. 



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