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December 8, 2007:  Stephen Lucchetti dropped me a line the other day with some potentially exciting news.  He's been in touch with the folks at the Smith Estate, and has passed along the following press release:

"E. E. 'Doc' Smith's estate is over-joyed to let the public know that substantive talks about having a movie based on Doc Smith's Lensman series become a reality.  Negotiations with Imagine Entertainment (Ron Howard and Brian Grazer) have moved from mere interest and on to more meaty discussions of terms and conditions.  

"Smith's Lensman series is the what space opera  is all about -- larger than life-size characters involved in cataclysmic, cosmologic battles waged between good and evil.  Written in the mid-30's and through the 40's the novels brought to bear all the expertise Smith had developed with his Skylark series adding the mental powers of the Lens into a whole new level of galactic cops and robbers.
"The Lensman series was significant in the development of both George Lucas' Star Wars as well as J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5. 
"Negotiations are on-going.  There is no target production date at this time."
It sounds to me like it would be a bit premature to start celebrating yet, but it's not like this site is overwhelmed with Lensman-related news these days. 

November 23, 2007:  A rather big update today.  I added new pictures and information to the Wargame page.  I added a Fan Art and Animation page, including three of my Lensman-related Flash movies.  I found a beautiful new scan of the October 1939 Astounding  cover, which I added to the Gray Lensman page.  I got rid of the Technical Manual page, as that project seems to be going nowhere for the time being.  I also movied the link to Gharlane's FAQ lower down the page, so people aren't as likely to click to a completely different site as soon as they get here.  I had a few more updates planned, but I just plain ran out of steam!

April 20, 2007:  I designed some Lensman-specific avatars for the new forum.  Drop by the forum and check 'em out!

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