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Edward E. Smith, Ph.D

Photo by Jay K. Klein (I think)


  Edward Elmer Smith was born in 1890 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  He was many things: lumberjack, farmer, streetcar operator, railroad worker, asphalt hauler, hard rock miner, food chemist, explosives engineer and writer.  He pioneered the field of doughnut mixes and created the genre known as space opera with the novel The Skylark of Space.   His magnum opus was the Lensman series, a multi-part epic which was structurally superb.  He died in 1965 in Seaside, Oregon. 

  Here is Smith's primary bibliography.  It is far from comprehensive, but it is more complete than previous efforts. 

  Noreascon 4, E. E. "Doc" Smith Exhibit.  A gallery of photographs from this Smithian extravaganza! 


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