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Noreascon 4, E. E. "Doc" Smith Exhibit


In September 2004, Worldcon was held in Boston, and was yclept Noreascon 4.  At the convention was an exhibit devoted to E. E. "Doc" Smith and his works.  Stephen Lucchetti, one of the exhibit organizers, was kind enough to provide some photos of the exhibit for those of us fans who were unable to attend. 

Several Smith-related books debuted at Noreascon 4, including Lucchetti's Doc - First Galactic Roamer  (available from NESFA Press).  Lucchetti is planning an exhibit catalogue, complete with detailed photographs of the exhibits, for future publication.  If you are interested, please contact him


Picture of the middle and back of the
    exhibit.  Displayed are the three paintings/tapestries
    done by Douglas Lucchetti for the exhibit, three locked display
    cases in the background containing rare printed materials,
    and in the foreground US paperback editions of Lensman
    and Skylark stories.
Photo by Stephen Lucchetti. 


Fanzine and magazine area displaying
    about 2/3 of the fanzines and magazines with articles by
    and about Doc Smith.  On the top left are displayed his
    MS and PhD theses.  On the table are 2 ring biders with
    copies of articles from the magazines for people to sit and
    and read.
Photo by Stephen Lucchetti. 


Trestrail family standing in front of the
    fanzine display.  From left to right:  Kim Trestrail (Grandson
    of Doc Smith, Verna's son, Smith estate executor),  Janet
    Trestrail Bell (Granddaughter of Doc Smith and Verna's
    daughter), William Bell (Great-Grandson of Doc and Janet's
    son).  Note that William is holding a copy of Doc -- First
    Galactic Roamer
Photo by Stephen Lucchetti. 


The five above photographs are by Peter A. Young. 


NOT displayed: Doc Smith miscellaneous titles, stories in Lensman
universe, foreign language editions including large Japanese
collection (much of which was donated to exhibit by Nippon2007
WorldCon), and insides of locked cases with original magazine stories,
letters to magazines, COSMOS (in original), Challenge From Beyond (in
original),  . . ., and large vertical locked case
where manuscripts, letters, family photographys and Smith's Northwest
Smith belt were locked away.


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Some pictures and captions' text copyright (C) 2004 Stephen Lucchetti

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